Dr. Pat Gwyer

As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 22+ years of experience, I specialise in the combination and application of Clinical, Positive, Coaching and Applied Psychology to improve mental health difficulties. Working with adults, children and adolescents, I am trained and qualified to work with a range of mental health experiences. As well as being a trustee and Clinical Director for a veteran’s mental health charity, I also provide expert witness reports, have appeared on local radio stations and written articles for magazines.
It is not unusual for us to have experienced distressing events in our lives. Growth and recovery involves finding ways these experiences can be part of us without defining us. This is the essence of recovery and growth. By providing a safe and supportive therapeutic space, you and I find ways to achieve this. I often explain to people that my role and how I work is straightforward. First, together we identify the things you are doing that are helpful or unhelpful to your wellbeing. Then together, we explore ways to increase the helpful and decrease the unhelpful.

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Based in Southampton

If you would like to join me for an in-person visit, then you’ll be warmly welcomed into my cosy office space located within the Wessex House business centre.

Upper Market Street
Eastleigh SO50
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